Environment, Health & Safety


The impact of fire can be devastating…on precious human life and expensive property. It’s affect on community and economic prosperity can be extensive, for many years after the actual fire event. Another “victim” of any major fire is the surrounding and downstream environment. By providing optimum levels of fire safety, Promat provides a proactive and positive influence on the environment, and the general wellbeing of the surrounding community. 

Promat’s tried, extensively tested and proven products and systems are synonymous with international standard quality, recognised by most benchmark systems and regulatory authorities.

The same attention to detail is reflected in another dimension:  Promat is dedicated to environmental safety and health, at all levels of its operations, from manufacturing to installation. In line with its parent Etex Group, Promat has developed its own Environmental, Health and Safety policies. These are matters of routine company policy, and an ongoing to the principles of sustainable business on a global and company wide basis. They include:

  • creating a safe working environment for all employees;
  • controlling and minimising possible negative impact on the environment; 
  • integrating EHS factors into R&D strategies for all company products and systems; 
  • continuous measurement, monitoring and improvement of EHS performance; 
  • fostering open dialogue with all stakeholders, based on logic and published data;
  • due diligence overviews of EHS as standard practice for mergers & acquisitions, investments & divestments.