Research & Development

As the world’s leading passive fire protection solution provider, Promat and its legendary R&D programmes are widely recognised and even accepted as industry benchmarks. Indeed, six decades of accumulated, published and always available test data are just a few of the factors behind Promat’s recognition as a global leader in sophisticated fire science technologies. 

Staffed by dedicated technical specialists and highly qualified design and engineering personnel, the company’s main R&D laboratory is headquartered in Tisselt, Belgium with other dedicated labs located in Austria and Scotland, UK. All R&D initiatives are coordinated, together with Marketing, Operations and Management, to ensure exceptionally high levels of product, system and build integration meet the specific fire protection needs of increasingly regulated and always competitive market places.

Three different types of modern test furnaces, for example, allow Promat engineers to recreate a broad cross section of specific fire conditions, and test according to even the most rigorous international and local standards. Proven Promat fire protection typically covers a wide variety of building and construction applications…in partitions, ceilings, ducts, structural steel, glazing, penetration seals and smoke management systems. 


While Promat is also renowned as a specialist in fire protection for tunnels and other underground structures, the company’s expertise in High Performance Insulation (HPI) is considered second to none. This involves the application of nanotechnology and other micro systems to create cutting edge fire protection in conditions where space would ordinarily jeopardise the installation and performance of effective fire performance.


Calcium silicate - Scanning Electron Microscopy