Why fire protection ?

Why fire protection
The effect of fire - concrete spalling
Fire curves

Safeguarding peoples lives

safeguarding people lives in tunnel

A tunnel fire is an immense disaster. Images of recent catastrophes will always remain in our minds.
Safeguarding peoples lives means installing and maintaining escape-possibilities. It also allows fire brigade and other emergency services to interverne in safe conditions.

Escape possibilities require:

  • Smoke extraction 
  • Escape signs 
  • Fire and smoke resistant safe havens 
  • Construction integrity 
  • Compartimentation 
  • Integrity of technical installations so that light and communications remain available

Preventing economical damage

economical damage fire in tunnelFire damage to a tunnel always has enormous financial consequences. Of course, the repair costs are huge, but the effects on the infrastructure are even larger. Tunnels have been out of order for months after a fire. For example after the fire in the Channel tunnel the direct repairs cost some € 87 million the additional costs in lost business, replacement of infrastructure, materials e.g. train carriages bring the economic loss to € 211 million.

Economical damage can be prevented by:

  • Enhancing the fire resistance of the structure 
  • Protecting ventilation ducts and systems 
  • Protecting power supplies and signalling cables 
  • Detection systems