Thermal protection boards
Pre-qualification tests
Gas tempertures
Thermal protection and spalling
Heat release rate
Radiation levels near fire
Results and behaviour on the PROMATECT®-T lining
  • UPTUN, European Union, Belgium
  • TNO, Centre for Fire Research, The Netherlands
  • SINTEF, National Fire Testing Institute, Norway
  • SP, National Fire Testing Institute, Sweden
  • Promat International, Passive Fire Protection, Belgium
  • Gerco, Installation of Promat system, The Netherlands

participants to fire test in tunnel


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A report containing the set-up of the tests, the recordings of the data and the interpretation of the results was issued by Uptun, TNO and our company.

The report also contains a cd-rom with all the pictures and video’s of the set-up and the fire tests, as well as all the technical/scientifical papers.