Results and behaviour of the PROMATECT®-T lining

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Results and behaviour on the PROMATECT®-T lining

Due to the irregular shape of the Runehamar tunnel, the PROMATECT®-T boards were installed suspended on a metal frame; there is no direct contact between the board and the rock (see below figure). The objective of these tests was to determine the performance of a range of fire protection in different fire conditions. No concrete structures were present (concrete contributes generally to fire resistance of products by a cooling effect), no joint protection exists and the boards were submitted to multiple exposures in four successive fires.

applicatio nof fire resistant system promatect t in tunnel

The below figure illustrates the temperatures developed in the tunnel during the first fire test (the red curve, temperatures indicated on right side) and the temperatures measured on the cold side of the boards (temperature values indicated on left side of the graph).

results and b ehaviour promatect t fire testing in tunnel

These results demonstrate that the fire temperatures reach 1365º C in a normal cargo truck fire, no liquid hydrocarbon fuel being used. The curve overlaps the hydrocarbon curve (first few minutes) and RWS fire curve (up to 30 minutes) very well. With this extreme tunnel fire, the maximum temperatures registered on the cold side of the PROMATECT®-T 1x25 mm boards and 2x15 mm boards were only 210º C and 179º C respectively.


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A report containing the set-up of the tests, the recordings of the data and the interpretation of the results was issued by Uptun, TNO and our company.

The report also contains a cd-rom with all the pictures and video’s of the set-up and the fire tests, as well as all the technical/scientifical papers.