Direct installation to the lining


  • fast and economical assembly through insertion in the formwork
  • easy dismantling, e.g. for inspection purposes
  • no joint backing
  • for all tunnel cross-sections
  • for all types of tunnel, including immersed tunnel segments
  • also certified for high-strength concretes
  • required concrete cover of the reinforcement only 40 mm

Structural protection on flat surfaces

Certified according to: RWS, HCM, HC, ZTV-ING and EBA


Construction Materials

01 PROMATECT®-T, thickness as required
02 Steel anchor, length, number and steel quality as required (please note manufacturer’s certificate of approval)


The PROMATECT® T boards (1) are attached with anchors (2) directly to the structural concrete. Surface tolerances in the concrete can be compensated for, e.g. with strips of mineral wool.

Anchor Arrangement

The number and arrangement of the anchors (2) depends on static and dynamic requirements.

Joint Design

Joints ≤ 3 mm are permitted if required for tolerance purposes. Backing, e.g. with board strips, is not necessary.

Ceiling/Wall Connection

For protection of the ceiling support the lining of the walls is designed to be ≥ 1000 mm.



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