Smoke extraction & ventilation systems


  • corrosion-resistant ducts
  • prefabricated ducting systems
  • can be used for ventilation and as a smoke extraction duct
  • high operating pressures

Promat®-T Duct System

Certified according to: ISO (90 minutes)

Construction Materials

01 PROMATECT®-T, thickness as required
02 PROMATECT®-T board strip, width ≥ 100 mm, thickness as required
02 Steel construction, type, dimensioning, distance and steel quality 
as required

Important Features

In conjunction with an overall safety concept for a tunnel structure, a fully functioning ventilation and smoke extraction system is of crucial importance for personal safety, particularly in the case of road tunnels.
A smoke extraction system in cases of fire must be able to minimise the production of smoke and heat in the tunnel itself and in the escape routes so that tunnel users can be rescued or can rescue themselves.
Systems used for this purpose must be designed in such a way that during tunnel operation they are able to stand up to the dynamic load from the traffic and – particularly with respect to smoke extraction – can resist the high subpressures.

Three-sided Duct

As an alternative to intermediate ceilings, ducts can also be used for tunnel ventilation and smoke extraction. In the case of tunnel structures with circular cross-sections it is advisable to incorporate these into the tunnel ridge, for example in a three-sided construction, in order to maintain structural clearance.
Depending on the cross-section, statics and dynamic loads, various operating pressures are possible.
In the case of large cross-sections or high operating pressures, structural reinforcements are necessary, for example through the use of a frame-type steel structure running in the longitudinal and/or transverse direction of the tunnel.

Vertical Section

Frame-type steel structures can be installed on the body of the structure using conventional installation methods, such as welded-on angular plates, top plates etc. For the purposes of thermal shielding it is possible to take advantage of the situation by arranging such attachments, as well as the actual supporting profiles, between the internal and external lining.
As shown on the left, an adjustable suspension, and therefore connection to the body of the structure, is also possible. This variation is currently used in the Baltija Tunnel, Moscow.
In order to maintain the load-bearing capacity, such a suspension must also be lined.
Alternative construction proposals can be obtained on request from our Application Technology Department.

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