Niches, shelters, rescue tunnels


  • resistant to fire
  • resistant to aggressive media, vehicle exhausts, chlorides and sulphate
  • economical solution

Fire door system

Certified according to: RWS, ZTV-ING, EBA and ISO

Construction Materials

01 Fire door as required, manufacturer on request
02 PROMATECT®-T, thickness as required
02 Attachment materials, type, length, number and steel quality as required (please note manufacturer’s certificate of approval)


The practical example shows an illustration of one of the many possible fields of application of classified or specified fire doors and fire walls in tunnels.

Niche View

Fire doors can be installed in the recess walls in accordance with the given requirements.

PROMATECT® Shaft or Niche Closure

PROMATECT® linings (2) in various designs can be used for the lining of switching and control systems, as well as F 90 ISO classified lines and fire extinguishing equipment.

Product Data Sheets

Europe & Asia Pacifics

Europe & Asia Pacifics