Rescue locks, doors, gates, openings


  • resistant to aggressive media, vehicle exhausts, chloride and sul-phates
  • resistant to fire
  • economical solution

Fire Door system

Certified according to: RWS, ZTV-ING, EBA and ISO

Construction Materials

01 Fire door as required, manufacturer on request
02 PROMATECT®-T, thickness as required
02 Promat®-Ventbox (ventilation flap)
04 Promat®-Revisionsklappe Universal (inspection flap)
03 Steel section, dimensioning, distance and steel quality according to statics and requirements
03 Attachment materials, type, length, number and steel quality as required (please note manufacturer’s certificate of approval)

T 90 (ISO) Fire Door

The T 90 rated fire door (1) shown is a self-closing fire protection closure built into F 90 rated PROMATECT® walls (2).

Fire Protection Housing “Remote” with DB Approval

The “Remote” fire protection housing has been developed from the different versions of fire doors and shafts for DB Telematik. This has now been approved by Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railways) as a fire protection system for the formation of niches and the lining of switching and control systems. Accessibility is guaranteed by a T 90 rated fire door 1 and ventilation by the Promat®-Ventbox (3).

Promat®-Revisionsklappe Universal (inspection flap)

The Promat®-Revisionsklappe Universal inspection flaps can be used as an alternative for providing access to and the inspection of solid building elements or PROMATECT® walls and ceilings.
Type D is suitable for installation in solid ceilings and walls, while type C is suitable for installation in PROMATECT® ceiling elements, shaft walls and recess closures. The inspection flap provides fire resistance for 90 minutes, corresponding to the F 90 classification according to DIN 4102-2.

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