Structural protection on curved surfaces


  • economical attachment using dry construction method 
  • additional uses due to the board distance for e.g. installations or structural protection against chlorides and sulphates through plastic dimpled sheets
  • suitable for all tunnel cross-sections
  • for all types of tunnel including immersed tunnel segments
  • also certified for high-strength concretes
  • required concrete cover of the reinforcement only 40 mm

Installation to the lining with or without substructure

Certified according to: RWS, HCM, HC, ZTV-ING and EBA

Construction Materials

01 PROMATECT®-T, thickness as required
02 PROMATECT®-T board strip, width ≥ 100 mm, thickness as required
alternatively sheet steel section, type, dimensioning, distance and steel quality as required
02 Steel anchor, length, number and steel quality as required (please note manufacturer’s certificate of approval)
02 Dry wall screw, length, number and steel quality as required (please note manufacturer’s certificate of approval)

Important Features

In addition to fire protection, static-dynamic and physical aspects already listed, installed PROMATECT®-T form a protective shield which guarantees the durability of a reinforced steel construction against the penetration of chlorides, as well as salts dissolved in water.
Premature carbonation and the associated reinforcement corrosion are prevented in the long term in this manner.

Installation of Curved Boards

Lining (1) made of flexible boards or boards bent at the factory is attached directly to the structural concrete. Surface tolerances in the concrete can be compensated for, e.g. with strips of mineral wool.

Polygonal Lining

As an alternative to the design with bent boards it is possible to install a polygonal lining. This can be attached directly or – as shown in the drawing – on a substructure. Sheet steel sections can be used instead of PROMATECT®-T (2), in which case corrosion protection should be applied.

Installation on Board Strips, Watertight and Airtight Design

In constructions used as air and smoke extraction ducts in the roof section (see application example „Smoke Extraction and Ventilation Systems, Intermediate Ceiling for Smoke Extraction“) the board joints of the PROMATECT®-T board lining (1) are sealed airtight with PROMASEAL®-S (5).
This lining is therefore also impervious to water and the water from leakages is led away according to the “umbrella principle”, so that no leakage water drips into the space reserved for traffic.


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