Cable ducts


  • Maintenance of certain essential electrical and/or mechanical systems & services:
    • according to RWS with 120-minute fire duration
    • according to ZTV-ING with 90-minute full-scale fire at 1200 °C
    • according to DIN 4102-12 classification E 90
  • demountable for inspection
  • self-closing ventilation elements for operations during a fire

M&E service enclosures

Certified according to: RWS, ISO, EBA and ZTV-ING

Construction Materials

01 PROMATECT®-T, thickness as required
02 Cable channel
02 Wiring cables
03 Sheet steel section, type, dimensioning and steel quality 
as required
03 Steel anchor, length, number and steel quality as required 
(please note manufacturer’s certificate of approval)
03 Dry wall screw, length, number and steel quality as required 
(please note manufacturer’s certificate of approval)
03 Tunnel structure


Wiring cables for tunnel safety through traffic management, communication, fire detection and fire alarms or for illumination frequently run under the tunnel ceiling, from where they are fed to the safety equipment.
In order to ensure their function even during a fire, these lines must be additionally protected in accordance with requirements.
This may take the form of duct-type constructions.

Three-sided Duct

Depending on the cross-section of the tunnel structure and the arrangement of the lines to the structural clearance profile, three-sided linings can also be attached to the tunnel ceiling.
Depending on requirements, these are attached by means of sheet steel sections, metal anchors and screws of corresponding quality.
The lining of the tunnel ceiling can be continuous.

Two-sided Duct on Wall-bracket

With the same construction in principle as a three-sided duct, two-sided attachment to the tunnel ceiling and wall is also possible.
The lining of the tunnel wall and ceiling can also be continuous.

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