Finishes for escape and rescue routes


  • Low-weight cover
  • Cover fitted loosely in place
  • Slip-resistant walkable area according to DIN 51 139, BGR 181 and TP Griff StB
  • Function maintenance of the cables and lines:
    • according to ZTV-ING with 90-minute full-scale fire at 1200 °C

Function maintenance

Certified according to: ZTV-ING and EBA

Construction Materials

01 PROMINA®-900, thickness as required
02 Sheet steel insert, type, dimensioning and steel quality as required
02 PROMATECT®-T, thickness as required

Single-layer Duct Cover

The cover made of PROMINA®-900 1 guarantees that the function of the cables and lines is maintained for 90 minutes. The cover can be walked on, is slip-resistant and can be subjected to static and dynamic loads.

Double-layer Duct Cover

The covering element is additionally constructed in such a way that it can still be walked on in order to rescue individuals in the case of accidents and after a fire according to the above fire scenarios. This allows the route to be used by rescue services for fire fighting.

Product Data Sheets

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Europe & Asia Pacifics