Smoke extraction & ventilation systems


  • light membrane ceiling system
  • rapid and economical installation
  • ceiling elements prefabricated at the factory
  • can be used for ventilation and smoke extraction
  • temperature-resistant from below and above, certified according to ZTV-ING
  • also suitable for subsequent installation

Intermediate ceiling

Certified according to: ZTV-ING

Construction Materials

01 PROMATECT®-T, thickness as required
02 Steel section, dimensioning, distance and steel quality according to statics and requirements
02 Bracket for wall connection, according to statics and requirements

Important Features

In addition to the tried and tested air ducts with all types of cross-sections and pressure loads used in structural engineering, Promat also offers an intermediate ceiling tested according to ZTV-ING.
Due to its lining with PROMATECT®-T boards the ceiling meets the requirements of ZTV-ING with a simultaneous fire load on both sides and can span the space reserved for traffic as a self-supporting structure or with additional suspension, depending on the span.
Particularly for the fire protection upgrading of existing tunnel structures, smoke extraction with an intermediate ceiling offers interesting economic advantages.


Lining of the steel structure on both sides with PROMATECT®-T boards (1).
The structure should be of an airtight design. If used as a smoke extraction system, all areas relevant to this function should be protected with PROMATECT®-T.

Wall Connection

Wall connection, e.g. as a movable connection over a steel shoe for taking up movements of the body of the structure and for compensating for tolerances.
Depending on the span, dynamic and operational requirements, additional suspensions can be installed if required.

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