Tunnel fire protection of the Miami Port Tunnel

The Port of Miami Tunnel is a highway tunnel that directly connects the Port of Miami to highways via Watson Island to Interstate Highway, I-395. Nearly 16,000 vehicles travel to and from the Port of Miami (POM) through downtown streets each weekday. Truck traffic makes up 28% of this number (source: 2009 PB Americas Traffic Study). Existing truck and bus routes restrict the port’s ability to grow, driving up costs for port users and present safety hazards.  

The POMT is a public-private partnership (PPP) designed to transfer the responsibility to design-build-finance-operate-and maintain (DBOFM) the project to the private sector. The Public Sponsors are Miami-Dade County-Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)-The City of Miami.  

The project was launched in 2010 with work beginning on Dodge and Watson Islands while the Tunnel Bore Machine was being procured and built.

The Tunnel Boring Machine 43ft diameter arrive in Miami in June 2011.The Tunnel Bore Machine and trailing gear was assembled on Watson Island and began mining the Eastbound Tunnel towards Dodge Island November 2011. On July 2012 the mining of the Eastbound Tunnel was completed as the Tunnel Boring Machine broke out on Dodge Island – Port Miami. In 3 months the Tunnel Boring Machine was repositioned and launched from Dodge Island and began mining Westbound Tunnel towards Watson Island.

On May 2013, mining of the Westbound Tunnel was completed as the Tunnel Bore Machine broke out on Watson Island.